Thanks for your support!

It comes to our attention that there are quite a lot of users who are still interested to see our master fund list after a long period of inactivity. Thank you for your support! I need to apologize here for dropping the ball. I built out fundmojo in a few months during a period of “mini-retirement”. It was my path to seek financial freedom. Overtime, it grows into a method to find interesting investment opportunities. Fund industries have changed a lot with hyper growth of ETFs. Active funds are being overrun by ETFs and this trend has accelerated over the last few years. More and more, we combine ETFs with mutual funds together and try to build out the best Sharpe and Sortino ratio portfolio.

If you are interested to see more fund lists and our take on the asset allocation model, fund managers, and ETFs, please kindly leave a comment below. If there are truly a lot of users our there who are still interested to discuss with me/us on this, we will continue to provide what we can share with this community. Thanks again for visiting us. Hopefully, we can support each other on our journey to financial freedom.

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